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Making the Most of Festival Networking

What if you had the chance to meet your musical heroes—the industry pros that could give you career-changing advice—but you only had 10 minutes to introduce yourself, ask your questions, and get their expertise?

For many attending the festival circuit in the upcoming months, this isn’t just conjecture. It’s a reality.

In this workshop we’ll make sure you’re prepared for your next meeting by working together on getting in front of new people, presenting your vision and questions in a concise manner, and tips for keeping the connection alive well after the meeting is over.

Join us for a 45-minute get-work-done workshop where we'll show you an uncommon path to building better connections at industry events.

Our tips and ideas have been designed from actually attending these events (not just theory) so you can rest assured that your next event won't feel cringeworthy or awkward.

Better yet, we've got bonus resources galore to help you connect quickly before, during and after the event is over.

In This Workshop We'll Explore:

Explore first-hand examples of how networking at events can (and will) work for you.

Learn a simple process to be better prepared for when you meet with true music mavericks.

How to find comfort in the uncomfortable so you can attend every networking event calmly.

Simple networking tips so you can make considered decisions on the fly and walk out with genuine connections.

A focused guide on how every musician should approach their networking.

A focused guide on how every industry professionals should approach their networking.

BOTH of these guides have uncommon but highly effective approaches that will help you take the pressure off yourself and build lasting, long-term industry connections.

You Will Also Get Access To:

Sample email scripts to connect with people before, during & after the event.

Our Co. Networking Kit which includes icebreakers, a community building hack and daily planner template.

Access to the workshop slides + anytime access to the recording.

This is For You If:

You consider yourself a serious musician who’s not looking to wait around and get discovered.

You’re a hard-working music professional and you’re committed to finding more productive methods, for yourself and your clients.

You want to feel confident and calm at industry events and festivals.

You're already pretty good at networking but you'd like some tools to help you approach your networking in a less rigid way.

You care about building genuine relationships, not just achieving an outcome.

You’re sick of signing up to free webinars that turn out to be sales pitches in disguise.

This is Not For You If:

You’re looking for yet-another-course to finally give you the magic system for success.

You’re a hobby musician rather than focused on building a career from your music... (This is awesome by the way, we salute you, but this workshop might be too intense, sorry!)

You are more interested in 'winging it' and expecting the right opportunities to find you.

You don’t like the idea of getting actual work done during a training (or sharing in a discussion!)

Your learning style isn't benefitted by stories, discussions and real-life examples of what's actually working i.e. you prefer a systematic text-book style approach to learning.

Our workshops are short and sharp, coming in at under an hour. We know this is just the beginning; and that's absolutely the point. We want to arm you with the tools you need to challenge the old way of doing things, experiment with new methods, learn to think (and act) quicker, and make the way that you approach your career the #1 thing, as it should be.

We've hit an age where information is readily accessible and becoming "the best at everything" is the new norm. The only risk is, if we don't try to push ourselves to find our own way of doing things, we'll all end up doing the same things, the same way until they don't work anymore.

This workshop is designed to not have you leaving with your head spinning with new information, but some simple ideas that you can carry with you.

For your next networking experience, it's these simple ideas that will change your posture, and how you feel and how you connect. It will then change the way others feel and how they remember you. These are the subtle changes that create lasting, fulfilling professional relationships.

And you're just moments away from exploring all of this with us.

Register now for the "Making the Most of Festival Networking" on-demand session. You'll get started immediately, ready to make your next networking experience the most productive and stress-free yet. We're excited to learn about the new connections you make!


What Happens After the Session Finishes?

Every attendee will receive the workshops resources to help you go back over the content at your own pace as well as implement what you've learned into your career. If you’re a Music Launch Co. member there will also be a chance to keep using & refining what you've learned inside the community. We host regular events and discussions in-line with our workshop themes. If you’re not yet a member, you will get a chance to apply and if approved, receive an invitation for the next intake.

Do I Need to Be a Music Launch Co. Member to Get the Most out of This?

Absolutely not. In fact, we think this is a great way for anyone who isn’t yet a member or approved as a member, to get their career in tip-top shape and ready to apply later on. Music Launch Co. is aimed at those who have the basics down, projects in motion and social media intact, which makes this workshop a great starting point for making those plans come to life.

Why Isn't This Free?

It’s a workshop for our members, but we’ve decided to open it up to the public. In fact, if you’ve read thus far you’ll see that what we’re bringing is pretty serious stuff (we know, it’s the type of content & care our private clients receive from us).

It’s not free because we want you to show up and put in the work. We also think you’ll appreciate the ticket price is waaaay cheaper than it should be.

Do You Have a Money Back Guarantee?

After 5+ years of selling programs like this, to people like you, we are obnoxiously confident you won’t need it. But yes, it’s 14 days for live workshops and it’s a no questions asked guarantee (as long as you have watched the workshop in full and tried to make our methods work for you).Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy.

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